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Buyers checklist

“Before making any land transactions in Wayanad, it’s vital to have the right paperwork in place. Here’s a checklist of important documents to secure:

  • Latest Deed: Document showing current ownership.
  • Back Documents: Historical records of the land.
  • Pattayam: Record of land rights.
  • Death Certificate and Family Membership Certificate (if applicable): Proof of ownership transition after a death.
  • Land Tax Receipt: Proof of tax payment.
  • RoR – Tandaper Account: Land revenue records.
  • BTR Copy (Basic Tax Register): Tax history documentation.
  • Encumbrance Certificate (35 years): Proof of clear ownership for the past 35 years.
  • Possession Certificate & Non-Attachment Certificate: Proof of possession and non-attachment to other properties.
  • Certificate of Occupancy: Proof of authorized occupation.
  • FMB Land, Location Sketch & Certificate: Land maps and location validation.
  • Building Permit: Approval for construction.
  • Receipt of payment of building tax: Proof of tax payment for construction.
  • Current bill paid: Confirmation of current financial status.
  • Payment of water bill: Proof of payment for water services.
  • Finally notary advocate legal opinion.
    Trust ‘Wayanad Links’ for reliable assistance in these matters.”

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