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We can help you to sell your plot in wayanad. Please find the terms and conditions for marketing your plot.

  1. The owner hereby agreed to pay a marketing fee of 0.1% of the value of plot.
  2. The owner hereby represents and warrants that the details of the property as described below hereunder written are true and the title of the owner to the said property is clear, marketable and free from encumbrances.
  3. The “WL”  hereby agrees that we shall market and be able to sell the property within a period of Six months. If not 50% of the marketing fee has to be refunded to the owner.


Regarding “WL” services in the sale of Property.  the “WL” shall be entitled to a commission in the amount of 3 % of the total contract value . Please note there is No relaxation of commission amount for what ever reason.

The owner  hereby agrees to handover the documents  copy to “WL” until the deal is over and both parties are satisfied with the payments and documents.

Under NO circumstance the owner  agrees to make the deal with any other agencies/brokers to sell the plot once “WL” services are sought. Any enquiries to be brought to the notice of  “WL” and will be dealt with as necessary.

WL”  finds buyers by one or more of the following methods.

  1. Advertising in major real estate websites in India and abroad.
  2. By SMS to prospective buyers in India and abroad. About 50,000 SMS are send out by “WL” to prospective buyers
  3. Emails are sent to the prospective buyers in India and aboard.
  4. Weekly newspaper advertisements are made in Bahrain, UAE, Qatar , Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia..
  5. Newspaper advertisements are made in Delhi , Mumbai , Chennai and Bangalore and throughout Kerala.
  6. All properties are listed in our own web sites,,
  7. Upon special payment Regular advertisement can be made on internet edition of Malayalam and English newspapers, viz Malayala Manorama , Mathrubhumi, Deepika , Madhyamam, Gulf Madhyamam , Kerala Kaumudi , Indian Express , The Hindu and Deccan Herald.
  8. Prospective buyers are provided with Photographs, Legal Scrutiny reports , Copy of Documents,  Video Coverage etc.
  9. Property details are marked on, Google Maps, Wikia Mapia , with GPS co-ordinates.
  10. Hoisting banners on the plot with property details and contact Number.
  11. Informing Wayanad Links Associated local brokers by SMS, We have tie up with Approx. 420 brokers in Wayanad.

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